Leadership Coaching

helping you Lead your best life

I inspire mid-career professionals to become their best selves and live their best lives. I will work with you to unlock your potential, remove hurdles, and ground you in inspiration. I will encourage you to identify and achieve the balance that's right for you and enhance how you lead in all areas of your life. With my coaching you will create a clear vision of what's possible by:


Identifying your

core values and areas

where you are in/out of


Developing an

actionable plan

to move towards

your vision

Helping you

overcome obstacles

that may keep you from

achieving that plan

I left my management-level position, knowing I needed a change and new direction. Erika was instrumental in developing that plan with me. Erika guided our conversation, allowing me to do the work and open the doors of self-discovery. I have been amazed at what has surfaced during times I thought I had clarity, only to gain a higher level of focus. Following our meeting, I have clear guidance on next steps. What I have experienced with Erika is she cares and is invested in your journey. Because of Erika, I now have exactly what I had dreamt for…meaningful work, with the right people and environment. I can honestly say I have never been happier.
— Kate McEachern, Director of Human Resources at Butternut Mountain Farm

Whether you are exploring new career opportunities
or want to show up as a stronger, more authentic leader
in all areas of your life, I will work with to develop
a customized plan to achieve your leadership goals.

I offer, tools, resources, and support to help you
transform and live your best life.