Energy and light. Ground and vision.
Grace and strength. Balance. Skylight. 

I founded Skylight Coaching & Consulting to empower people and organizations to be their best. I believe that you hold the answers within and that my role is to help you reveal them and develop the trail map to get there.

Skylight was named after Skylight mountain in the Adirondacks – one of my favorite places, a place where I feel like I am my best self. From Skylight, the 4th highest peak in New York and an 18-mile round trip hike, there are views of over 30 of the Adirondack high peaks. While not the biggest mountain, the views are among the best in the region. Whether on the trail or in life, the journey is just as important as the destination and wisdom is gained from experience and by learning from others.

The path is not always clear and does not always go as planned, but with vision, goals, grit and a sense of adventure, you can get there. 


“Erika is a phenomenal coach,

….strategist and collaborator. She guided our organization of 40+ to transform our performance review and goal setting process into a useful, agile and downright enjoyable tool for strategic alignment and staff development. Every person she worked with was positively impacted and took action as a result of her coaching. As one staff member reflected, “every organization should be so lucky as to have Erika as a resource!”

– Molly Loomis, Chief Innovation Officer at Let’s Grow Kids